Friday, August 24, 2012


"What kind of dog is that?!"  We get this question a lot when we're out and about with Wrigley and LuLu, so much so that  we're answering before the person's even got it asked entirely!  Then come the comparisons:   "They look like big teddy bears!", "He looks just like Snufalufagus!", and my personal favorite, "They're like little 'Chewbacca's'!"  Hence, the title of this here blog, "Wookies and Teddy Bears".  They do, indeed, have their own look about them, and they are our big teddy bears.  Things just wouldn't be the same around our house without Wrig and Lu!  They bring so much love to our little family.  And now, they have brought even more--a litter of little doodles!!  We are ecstatic!  We've had Wrigley now for going on six years and LuLu for four years.  The above picture was taken right after we got LuLu and got her all cleaned up and introduced to Wrig.  Love at first sight, wouldn't you say!

At left, Wrigley dares anyone to get his doggy--"double-dog dares"!!

Right, What a sweet little puppy face!  LuLu is about four months old in this photo, and already she has claimed the couch for her own!

This is a common sighting at our house.

When it's not the couch, it's the chair.

This was one of many attempts at a Christmas card photo from a couple years ago that we took after Thanksgiving dinner.  And when I say "many", I mean MANY! {and look at Wrig, looks like he's licking his chops for some turkey!}

Please take a look around our site, grab a peek at our previous puppies, and check out our new arrivals, should you be interested in adopting your very own little "wookie"!